Easy Dinner Recipe: Shrimp Scampi with Linguini


While I LOVE to bake, I really dislike cooking (loathe it, actually). But my friend made this pasta dish for me the other day and kindly forwarded this Food Network, Tyler Florence recipe to me. It was really easy to follow and surprisingly easy to make. Honestly, if I can cook this, you certainly can [...]

Being a Parent is the Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done

I am having one of those days where I just feel like I am a complete failure of a parent. My patience is wearing thin and I just don’t want to be around my kids. I resort to yelling at my (almost) 2.5 year-old and feel like a total shit afterwards. I can’t take myself [...]

Nap Time Means Nap Time!!!

Why does my husband always feel the need to take our daughter to the store or run an errand right around her nap time?  A couple of weeks ago, he says, “I’ll take her to Babies ‘R Us and we’ll be right back.”  This was around noon, her usual nap time.  I warned him that [...]

Some Things Never Change … Or Can They???

I am extremely frustrated with my husband right now.  It’s about a week from the dreadful tax day and we still have not done our taxes yet!  What’s worse is that we’re estimated to receive a refund.   When I was about 8 months pregnant, I asked my husband to please do our taxes before [...]

AT&T, fool me once…

So we recently switched our Internet provider from AT&T Internet to AT&T U-verse.  Why?  I don’t know.  We keep getting these notices in the mail from AT&T that they’re switching all their customers over to U-verse and we needed to call in to switch ASAP so as not to disrupt our current service. When I [...]

Plumbing issues… need I say more?

Our home has the worst plumbing issues.  Is it the drain or is my husband?  Haha.  I think its mostly the husband!  We have 3 toilets and it’s always the one in our master bath that gets backed up.  After 2 weeks of trying to fix it out himself (a la tutorials on YouTube), the [...]