Communicate, communicate, communicate! Just Talk to Me!

Everyone knows that one of the key components in a relationship is communication. My husband and I are currently having difficutly in this department. Well, we’ve always had trouble in this area. I talk and nag too much, as he would say. And he doesn’t talk or share enough as I would say. Every time I want to talk to him about something important, he gives me an exasperated look or sigh and I just feel like shutting down and not talking to him. Throw in 2 sick kids, lack of sleep, his demanding career and my full-time mom and part-time attorney status, and we’ve got a recipe for a marriage heading for trouble.

We’ve had discussions in the past that came about after an argument or a fight and we come away with “let’s talk more” or “all you need to do is tell me what you want, don’t yell or raise your voice.” But, here we are again. I’m holding in a lot of frustrations and instead of expressing them, I just let it build up and grow into resentment.

We don’t even talk about our days anymore. I’m just so tired from caring for our kids by the time he gets home that I don’t care to hear about his day at work. Its probably because I resent his ability to go to work while I’m home caring for our kids. We don’t even make plans for the future anymore. I feel like we don’t set goals and we’re just living day by day. Sure, in his mind he has goals he wants to achieve, but he needs to share them with me so we can work to achieve them together. It’s already enough that I feel isolated from the world, I don’t need to feel isolated by my husband too.

Speak Your Mind