Nap Time Means Nap Time!!!

Why does my husband always feel the need to take our daughter to the store or run an errand right around her nap time?  A couple of weeks ago, he says, “I’ll take her to Babies ‘R Us and we’ll be right back.”  This was around noon, her usual nap time.  I warned him that its her nap time and he’ll have to suffer her wrath when he can’t get her to nap when they get back.  Sure enough, they come home an hour later and he tells me that she slept during the car ride there, fell alseep while they were at the store and slept during the ride home.  He tries to put her down for a nap, and what do you know, she’s no longer tired and doesn’t want to nap!

Her naptime is the only time of the day that I can get things done.  It’s the only time I can sit down and just get a few moments to myself.  Just to close my eyes and get my sanity back.  Two things happen when my daughter misses her nap: 1) I lose my “me” time, and 2) my daughter becomes this cranky, overtired, and defiant monster!

Today, at about a half an hour before our daughter’s naptime, my husband tells me he’s taking her to the store. I give him the evil eye and he quickly says, “I’ll bring her back before naptime.”  Really???  Almost an hour later, he comes home with her asleep on his shoulder and tells me, “she JUST fell asleep.”  He tries to put her down for her nap, but 10 minutes later, they both come out of her room and he says, “she won’t nap. Let me feed her first.”  ARGH!!!

I could get really mad at him, but to be fair, he did tell me that his reason for taking her to the store with him was so that I wouldn’t have to take care of both her and our newborn son.  However, he could have waited when she was down for a nap to go to the store.

I should’ve just said no.  I know not to mess with my daughter’s naptime. For some reason, I don’t think my husband knows any better.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me …

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