Communicate, communicate, communicate! Just Talk to Me!

Everyone knows that one of the key components in a relationship is communication. My husband and I are currently having difficutly in this department. Well, we’ve always had trouble in this area. I talk and nag too much, as he would say. And he doesn’t talk or share enough as I would say. Every time [...]

Nap Time Means Nap Time!!!

Why does my husband always feel the need to take our daughter to the store or run an errand right around her nap time?  A couple of weeks ago, he says, “I’ll take her to Babies ‘R Us and we’ll be right back.”  This was around noon, her usual nap time.  I warned him that [...]

Some Things Never Change … Or Can They???

I am extremely frustrated with my husband right now.  It’s about a week from the dreadful tax day and we still have not done our taxes yet!  What’s worse is that we’re estimated to receive a refund.   When I was about 8 months pregnant, I asked my husband to please do our taxes before [...]

Plumbing issues… need I say more?

Our home has the worst plumbing issues.  Is it the drain or is my husband?  Haha.  I think its mostly the husband!  We have 3 toilets and it’s always the one in our master bath that gets backed up.  After 2 weeks of trying to fix it out himself (a la tutorials on YouTube), the [...]

Overdosed on Pizza…

Combo pizza

I had been craving a pastrami sandwich ALL DAY!  I never eat pastrami sandwiches – I’m a turkey breast sandwich kind of girl.  Could my craving be due to being 29 weeks pregnant with a boy??  Maybe, probably.  But after a day of running errands with my husband and 21-month-old daughter, I decided I wanted [...]